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Have you suffered a sports injury in Airdrie AB? Every professional athlete understands how chiropractic care optimizes the brain-body connection allowing them to compete at their highest level.

Through specific scientific chiropractic care, athletes are able to unlock the fullest potential of human performance; the athlete reaches the best possible performance during competition and their daily training regime. The great Canadian runner Steve Prefontaine said “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.”

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or a scrimmage, the Masters or a practice round, a professional athlete’s medical team is always nearby. For a majority of them, that team includes a chiropractor. Athletes such as Aaron Rodgers, Vernon Davis, Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth view chiropractic as an essential part of their overall health and wellness routines.

How Can Chiropractic Help Airdrie AB Athletes?

Airdrie AB athletes routinely and continually put their bodies through an extremely high level of physical stress. These stressors are different than what we experience as a result of too much school work or demands from the boss at work. Sports participation often involves quick starts and stops, explosive jumping or running, collisions, and atypical body postures that put added demands on the body's physical structure. Therefore, whether you are a football player, wrestler, golfer, or runner, chiropractic can provide the assistance your body needs to be able to adapt to these added stresses. Often, these unusual stresses cause the bones in our back to come out of place. The effects of these changes create a cascade that often leads to loss of motion, flexibility, and speed while increasing the chances of developing headaches or predisposing the body to future athletic-related injuries. For example, many long-distance runners have been shown to develop chronic cases of tendonitis and pain throughout the joints in their legs. Typically, they are prescribed a pain killer to mask the symptoms of pain, providing short-term relief. If pain killers were the real solution to the problem, why would they have to be continually taken?

The truth is that many sports-related injuries begin due to nerve interference caused by misalignments in our joints, primarily the spine. Our chiropractors at Atlas Family Chiropractic in Airdrie AB are specially trained at removing this type of interference. When this nerve interference is removed, the body experiences an increase in blood flow, higher immune system function, proper motor pattern firing, and overall better health. As a result, athletes receiving care at our clinic have noticed increased flexibility, speed, agility, and power during sports participation. These types of results have been seen at chiropractic clinics all across the country. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Investigation showed that as much as 32% of athletes receiving chiropractic care experienced these results and an even higher percentage showed a decrease in the number of injuries sustained during sports participation.

Chiropractic in the NFL

One of the most common sports to use chiropractic care is football. NFL players such as Aaron Rodgers, Vernon Davis, Jerry Rice, Patrick Willis, and Justin Smith praise chiropractic for helping them to play at the best of their ability and without aches or pains.

Takeo Spikes, a former football linebacker has been adjusted by chiropractors for 15 years during and after his football career. According to the Professional Football Chiropractic Association, the average NFL team chiropractor will perform 30 to 50 treatments each week during a football season.

With about 34 chiropractors working for NFL teams, together, they execute 16,320 to 27,200 adjustments in just 16 weeks.

Chiropractic in the PGA

Several golfers including Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, see chiropractic as a key part of their success.

Jordan Spieth, the most recent and one of the youngest Masters Tournament winners, recently thanked his chiropractor, Troy Van Biezen, DC, in his acceptance speech for the green jacket. Spieth has been using a chiropractor since he was 14 to help prevent injuries and enhance his athletic performance and overall health.

Dr. Van Biezen D.C. has been on the PGA Tour Medical Staff for nine years. He describes how golf is an asymmetrical sport that creates imbalances in the body. He provides Spieth with chiropractic care one to two times a day and travels with him full time.

When Should an Athlete See a Chiropractor?

Athletes of all ranks shouldn't wait to see a chiropractor until after an injury has occurred. While chiropractic has been proven to be an excellent source for injury rehabilitation and healing, it is an even better resource for preventing damage from happening. Chiropractors view the body as a whole, taking into account all aspects of health. Our team at Atlas Family Chiropractic has the resources to provide adjustive procedures, physical therapy, and soft tissue massage to address the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and ligamentous systems. Through this approach, the body is allowed to function at its optimal level, keeping you off the bench and sidelined with injuries throughout the season. If you are an athlete in the Airdrie AB area, contact Atlas Family Chiropractic today to schedule your individualized consultation.

As Jerry Rice said, "Chiropractic care helped me stay healthy and succeed in the league for as long as I did."

Why do so many athletes rely on routine chiropractic care?

Chiropractic provides a safe, natural and drug-free option to relieve pain, as well as preventative benefits vital to keeping the body balanced, flexible and functioning at its best.

How can I benefit from routine chiropractic?

Whether you are a professional, amateur or youth athlete, you can experience the same benefits from routine chiropractic care; it is just as important for you to include chiropractic as a key part of your overall health routine. With affordable personalized treatment plans, Atlas Family Chiropractic brings health and wellness to any busy athlete or weekend warrior on-the-go.

Walking the walk.

Dr. Glen, D.C. has been involved in competitive sports, bodybuilding and Cross-fit, and has a real appreciation for athletic performance.

Dr. Glen, D.C. says, “In my younger years as a competitive bodybuilder I noticed that my gains excelled, as well as starting Cross-fit in my forties and being able to compete against men twenty years younger; regular chiropractic is key.”

At Atlas Family Chiropractic our entire team is determined to make sure your body is functioning at 100% all of the time. Neurological corrective care is gentle but effective even for the largest athletes.

Take the steps to improve your performance, live a healthier, and experience the benefits of neurological corrective chiropractic care today

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